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  • Nasty - Slow Blow
    A gorgeous pineapple and lime soda flavour, Nasty Juice Slow Blow is an all-day vape you will definitely want to savour.  Juicy pineapple layered across fizzy lime soda, makes this e-liquid a super refreshing vape and perfect for hot weather vaping.  The bitter-sweetness of the l..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD
  • Nasty - Wicked Haze
    Nasty Juice Wicked Haze is a delightful blackcurrant lemonade flavour that will tickle your taste buds.  An extremely popular flavour base, blackcurrant can sometimes be overly sweet and although a single-flavoured blackcurrant flavour can be a delight, this e-juice by Nasty takes black..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD
  • Nasty Juice - Asap Grape
    A delicious grape flavour, Nasty Juice Asap Grape is sweet and fruity without being too cold. In the Malay language, "asap" means smoke or vapour, so Asap Grape can be taken to mean grape vapour. And what delicious vapour it is!  While some grape flavours can have a slightl..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD
  • Nasty Juice - Bad Blood
    Black Current with little menthol   50VG:50PG  ..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD
  • Nasty Juice - Devil Teeth
    Honeydew with low mint   VG 70:30 PG ..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD
  • Nasty Juice - Fat Boy
    Mango with little menthol    50VG:50PG    ..
    2.999 KD 4.000 KD