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  • California Mojito - Apple Lime
    Fresh taste of virgin mojito mixed with sliced green apple and a pinch of green sour lime that'll make your taste buds giggle for more !this awesome refreshing juice really energize your day of vaping !   50VG : 50PG .  ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • California Mojito - Blackcurrant Slush
    Prepare yourself to experience the awesome taste of virgin mojito mixed with precisely brewed blackcurrant and tropical juice slush . this special flavor surely will suits your day of vaping like no other ! ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
  • California Mojito - Lemon Blast
    Who doesn't love lemonade ? we all do ! this cool virgin mojito mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a hint of sweet honey will make you want to vape more on a sunny day ! drip more , vape more , you'll enjoy more ! ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
  • California Mojito - Pineapple Candy
    The only thing you can tell is , superb ! the taste of fresh virgin mojito mixed with sweet crunchy pineapple and a bit of sugarly tase of cotton cloud candy . from the first try , you'll never want to let it go ! ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
  • Crysis
    Sweet pineapple, sweet and sour green apple with cool soda water.   VG 50 : PG 50  ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD