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  • KOK Juice - Apple Zest
    The best taste of apple juice is here to rock your world - It's crazy delicious! Crazy Kok - Apple Zest is crafted with an added special ingredient, finely tuned to make it truly one of a kind. If you love apples, then you would be crazy to miss out on this one! ..
    0.500 KD 3.555 KD
  • KOK Juice - Berry Queen
    A refined blend of various berries, Bloody Kok - Berry Queen will keep you yearning for more. Purely for vape enthusiast who can't get enough of berries. Every puff feels like you are popping real berries into your mouth. Bloody delicious! ..
    0.500 KD 3.555 KD
  • KOK Juice - Mango King
    A perfectly mixed flavor of top quality mangoes from all around the world creating a fresh tropical mango taste. Coupled with great vapor production, our Monster Kok - Mango King is truly the king of all mangoes! ..
    0.500 KD 3.555 KD
  • KOK Juice - Melon Blast
    Our pride and joy, Killer Kok - Melon Blast is a real 'killer' juice! Indulge in the taste of juicy melons with every puff. Drip it, vape it, and you will experience a satisfaction that is guaranteed to blast your taste buds away. Simply irresistible! ..
    0.500 KD 3.555 KD