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  • Ace Of Hearts - Stud
    Peach Mango Pineapple, inhaling the Peach with a mid taste of ripe mango and exhaling the taste of Pineapple. Although it contains Pineapple it would never crack your tank.   50 PG / 50 VG ‚Äč ..
    0.500 KD 3.555 KD
  • Bazooka Tropical Thunder - Pineapple Peach Sour Straws - 100ml
    Pineapple Peach, part of Bazooka Vape E-Liquids Tropical Thunder line is a sweet and tasty pineapple peach sour candy straws flavored E-Juice that packs a flavorful punch! Available in 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles. ..
    5.000 KD 7.000 KD
  • California Mojito - Pineapple Candy
    The only thing you can tell is , superb ! the taste of fresh virgin mojito mixed with sweet crunchy pineapple and a bit of sugarly tase of cotton cloud candy . from the first try , you'll never want to let it go ! ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
  • Cloud Nation Pineapple
    Pineapple flavors PG VG : 30/70 ..
    2.000 KD 3.555 KD
  • CloudNiners - Pineapple
     Pineapple with little menthol ..
    1.000 KD 3.555 KD
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  • CrushFruits - Tasty
    An irresistible fusion of pineapples and strawberries creating a vortex of flavor that is sure to please the most sophisticated of palettes ..
    0.990 KD 6.969 KD
  • Crysis
    Sweet pineapple, sweet and sour green apple with cool soda water.   VG 50 : PG 50  ..
    0.500 KD 3.333 KD
  • FcukinFlava - Freezy Pineapple
    Exotic and juicy taste of real pineapples with a slight cooling effect on the exhale. Perfect for summer (and of course your daily vape juice it is) ..
    2.999 KD 3.555 KD
  • FLAMINGO Eliquid - Full Line ( 10 Bottles x 60ml )
    FLAMINGO Eliquid - Full Line  ( 10 Bottles x 60ml ) available in 3mg only 1x60ml Creamy Tobacco 1x60ml Caramel Vanilla  1x60ml Diary Snickers 1x60ml Vanilla Strawberry  1x60ml Master Mango  1x60ml Pomegranate Strawberry 1x60ml Graples 1x60ml Blackcurran..
    11.000 KD 40.000 KD