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  • MENTHOL - SaltNic - by GOST VAPOR
    A staple flavor for every vaper. One puff of menthol and you'll be greeted with a blast of icy fresh spearmint. That cool throat hit plus spearmint finish makes this one of the most revitalizing blends in the world.   ..
    4.000 KD
  • SWEET - SaltNic - by GOST VAPOR
    Let's be honest here, when you dive into a bag of delicious gummy bears you're hoping to get a handful of white gummy. Say no more, we've created the perfect homage to the greatest gummy bear flavor around! A savory white peach combined with fresh juicy pineapple, sweets will quickly bec..
    4.000 KD
  • TOBACCO - SaltNic - by GOST VAPOR
    A full-bodied, rich tobacco that will satisfy any connoisseur. Tobacco is the finest blend known to man, and your taste buds will beg you for more. ..
    4.000 KD