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  • Vape58 - KMK
    K.M.K. was part of our “secret menu” for the longest time. This is a secret combo of flavors that combines the best of the best. It’s the ultimate “fatality” combo of flavors that will keep you coming back for more! Gotta try it to find out the profile! [K.M.K. = Khai&r..
    3.50 KD 4.00 KD
  • Vape58 - Korean Jesus
    Our new monster flavor this is one you have to try, a strong fruit blend you won't be able to get away from.  Korean Jesus is one of our best sellers and it's NO surprise. A succulent blend of  peach, berry, kiwi and love!   50VG:50PG ..
    3.33 KD
  • Vape58 - Lola
    WOW, I guess I’ll start by saying so far this month, I’ve found myself a new girlfriend and her name is Lola. This has not left my tank since we made the tester batch. I literally had to make tiny amounts for myself until the big batches of ingredients came in. To be honest customers wer..
    3.33 KD
  • Vape58 - LR-1
    When you combine some of the best attributes of our most popular flavors  you get this; a complimentary blend of fruits that blend amazing! Just a TOUCH of menthol to make this one of the most refreshing vapes!   50VG:50PG     ..
    3.33 KD
  • BombSauce - AK-47 - 60ml
    BombSauce - AK-47 - 60ml Peach , Strawberry , Banana Smoothy ..
    5.00 KD 7.00 KD
  • BombSauce - Alien Piss - 60ml
    BombSauce - Alien Piss - 60ml Blue Raspberry Lemonade    ..
    5.00 KD 7.00 KD
  • BombSauce - Alien Piss II - 60ml
    BombSauce - Alien Piss - 60ml Strawberry Lemonade    ..
    5.00 KD 7.00 KD
  • BombSauce - Sonata - 60ml
    BombSauce - Sonata - 60ml Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Tobacco ..
    6.00 KD 7.00 KD
  • CrushFruits - Delicious
    A delectable blend of Gummy Bears with a suprising tart finish that is sure to impress any candy junkie. ..
    5.56 KD 6.97 KD