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  • VGOD - BakLava
    Delicious notes of fresh filo dough, robust chopped nuts, and an intoxicating drizzle of sweet honey to create a succulent dessert vape! ..
    4.999 KD 6.666 KD
    Blueberries and citrus. Could there possibly be a better combination? Sweet blueberry notes are balanced off against slightly sour citrus notes to provide another fantastic all day vape. Blue dream is the perfect vape for a hot summer day. It’s refreshing and crisp while remaining pleasant and..
    8.888 KD 12.000 KD
  • VGOD - Coco
    Coco by VGOD® is a blend of New York cheesecake and fresh tobacco served with hints of tangy lemon zest, sweet coconut shavings, and rich marshmallows to provide an extraordinary all-day vape! ..
    4.999 KD 6.666 KD
  • VGOD - CocoaNut
    CocoaNut is a Delicious Blend of Fresh Coconut Shavings, Rich Milk Chocolate, and Crisp Almonds to create a Sweet and Creamy All-Day Vaping Experience! ..
    4.999 KD 6.666 KD
  • VGOD - Coil Whip
    Coil Whip Original E-Liquid Enhancer by VGOD® is a delicious, freshly made, rich whipped cream on the inhale and a smooth creamy exhale to provide a perfect all-day vape! You can also mix Coil Whip with other e-liquids to give it a creamy smooth Coil Whip touch! Enjoy a bottle of Coil Whip and i..
    4.999 KD 6.666 KD
  • VGOD - Cubano
    VGOD - Cubano ..
    4.999 KD 6.666 KD
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    Our delicious signature cream base blended to perfection with a light, crisp, and refreshing honeydew melon. This blend is the definition of an all day vape but stays true to its VGOD roots and will produce mountains of vapor for all those tricks. .  70VG:30PG ..
    9.999 KD 12.000 KD
  • VGOD - Frozen 3x30ml
    Frozen by VGOD® conists of 3 flavors in 30ml bottle each combined in a pack for a total of 90ML of delicious e-juice! BerryFlurry : - is a Delicious Burst of Wild Berries served on ice to provide a refreshing fruity all-day vape! LemonCrisp : - is a Freshly peeled Zesty Lemon in ..
    7.500 KD 9.000 KD
    Sweet WaterMelon Mix Explosion that will leave you wanting more! 70VG:30PG ..
    5.555 KD 6.666 KD