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  • Secret Sauce - CRANBERRY
    Secret Sauce - CRANBERRY  An incredible composite of cranberry with apple that blends the seamlessly tingling sourness of cranberry and the divine sweetness of apple. ..
    5.000 KD 6.000 KD
  • Secret Sauce - GONUTS
    Secret Sauce - GONUTS The new flavor GONUTS by secret sauce the original glazed donuts taste   ..
    5.000 KD 6.000 KD
  • Secret Sauce - Grape
    Secret Sauce - Grape Secret Grape offers an original essence of juicy, enriched and flavorsome grapes. One of the most exclusive aroma and quintessence of grape – For you to vape!     ..
    5.000 KD 6.000 KD
  • Secret Sauce - LATTE
    Secret Sauce - LATTE A twisted assortment of coffee and caramel – Secret Latte is an exclusive treat for coffee lovers. The tormenting flavor of caramel adds up with the traditional latte savor to reveal the finest vaping e-juice for you. ..
    5.000 KD 6.000 KD
  • Secret Sauce - TOBACCO
    Secret Sauce - TOBACCO Well, we are impassioned to bring you most intriguing e-juice favor. That’s why we present you the most tantalizing e-liquid – Secret Tobacco. Each bottle of our Secret e-liquid Tobacco is made with high quality standard, bringing you the best quality e-juice li..
    5.000 KD 6.000 KD