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  • Gold Leaf - Acapulco
    Gold Leaf Acapulco delivers a delicious blend of sweet and filling vanilla custard with the strong aroma of tobacco all in one e juice. Looking to quit a bad habit, but don’t want to give up your favorite flavor? Fill your vape with the bold flavor of tobacco in an liquid unlike any other&mdas..
    6.000 KD 7.000 KD
  • Gold Leaf - Emericano
    Gold Leaf Emericano - Enjoy the rich bold flavor of coffee and tobacco blended into one. This smooth flavors will being an aromatic sensation that will satisfy your craving for an exotic flavor. With a rich inhale of espresso and exhale of sweet tobacco, Gold Leaf - Emericano will have be your quick..
    6.000 KD 7.000 KD
  • Gold Leaf - G.M.T
    Gold Leaf G.M.T. is the premiere tobacco flavored e liquid with notes of caramel you’ve been craving. Enjoy the taste of that rich, sweet, earthy sensation with every hit of our grand master tobacco e juice. Savor the aroma of your favorite sensation when you vape Gold Leaf G.M.T.   80..
    6.000 KD 7.000 KD