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  • Cloud Breakers - Blue Candy
    Cloud Breakers - Blue Candy An exquisite e-juice derived from the concept of jawbreakers or gobstoppers, a famous and trendy candy ball. Mostly this candy is widely known in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our flavor is a combination of fruits and the originality of the round hard, jaw brea..
    4.250 KD 5.000 KD
  • Cloud Breakers - Purple Berry
    Cloud Breakers - Purple Berry A seamless assortment of exotic fruits including blueberry, raspberry, grape & strawberry. This amazing jawbreaker will touch your jaws and heart on every vape you take. It’s a perfect blend of sourness of blueberry, the tingling of raspberry, the crunchy j..
    4.250 KD 5.000 KD