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  • Teslacigs SilverPod Pod
    Teslacigs SilverPod Pod ..
    1.500 KD
  • Teslacigs Sliver Pod Kit
    Teslacigs Sliver Refillable Pod System: We’ve seen tons of pod systems and refillable stealth systems released recently, so its no surprise to see Telsa, one of the largest e-cigarette companies in the world, release their own refillable pod system. The Tesla Sliver pod system is very similar..
    9.500 KD
  • Teslacigs TPOD Pod
    Teslacigs TPOD Replacement Pod/Cartridge is design for Teslacigs TPOD Vape Pod Kit and is a pack of 2.0ml pre-filled pods. It allows users to easily switch between flavors, providing a different flavor experience for you. ..
    1.500 KD
  • Teslacigs TPOD Pod Kit
    Instructions: Teslacigs TPOD Kit has a big 1.4inch color screen, and now it's the pod system vape kit with the biggest display, which enables Teslacigs TPOD to bring you simple but accurate vaping. On the screen it shows battery, puffs, current, voltage and time clearly. With built-in ..
    7.500 KD 11.000 KD