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  • CloudKicker Cotton
    100% All Natural Cotton Imported from Australia No Additives / No Bleach Steam Cleaned 60 Pre Cut Strips Good for 120+ Wicks Each Strip is 3.5" x 0.5" x 0.25" Includes a Small Tweezer     ..
    4.000 KD 5.000 KD
  • Coil Master DIY Kit V3
    The newest Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is a perfect all-in-one kit for DIY users. All tools are High-Quality made to reach various needs of users. 1. 1 x Diagonal pliers 2. 1 x Needle-nose pliers 3. 1 x Stainless steel folding scissors 4. 1 x Pen styled Phillips screwdriver 5. 1 x Pen styled Flath..
    10.500 KD 12.000 KD
  • Coil Master v2 Kit
    Being someone who uses rebuildable atomizers has never been easier before since Coil Master released the all new Coil Master DIY Kit V2. This kit is the ultimate organizer of tools, and each tool that comes with this kit has its own unique place, making your rebuilding experience even more satisfyin..
    9.999 KD 12.000 KD
  • Cotton Bacon V2.0
    A purified, tasteless wick made by vapers, for vapers, Cotton Bacon comes in a handy pack that contains individual strips of cotton, each 4 inches in length and designed to be easily torn apart and installed in your coil of choice. Carefully packed in clean rooms, Cotton Bacon is there to get out..
    1.990 KD
  • GMcoils - Large Fused Clapton
    Product details Set of 2 Coils Large FC 24g K+38g N80 0.11Ω (dual) 5 wraps on 3mm ..
    2.500 KD
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • GMcoils - Large Mirror
    Product details Large Mirror Set of 2 Coils 20g K 0.11Ω (dual) 6 wraps on 3mm ..
    3.750 KD
  • GMcoils - Medium Alien
    Product details Medium Alien Set of 2 Coils 26g K+36g N80 0.22Ω (dual) 6 wraps on 3mm ..
    4.750 KD
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • GMcoils - Medium Fused Clapton
    Product details Set of 2 Coils Medium FC 26g K+38g N80 0.20Ω (dual) 6 wraps on 3mm ..
    2.500 KD
  • GMcoils - Medium Mirror
    Product details Medium Mirror Set of 2 Coils 22g N80 0.18Ω (dual) 8 wraps on 3mm ..
    3.750 KD