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DripMore - Peachy Tea
-50 % Out Of Stock
Peachy tea is one of our absolute favorites. Tart, sweet, and fresh peaches paired with a sweet tea that will make your taste buds dance with flavor! This is a must try, even if you don't vape peaches on the daily!..
3.000 KD 6.000 KD
DripMore - Strawberry Palm
-50 %
Strawberry palm (strawberry iced tea lemonade). An unreal mix of delicious ripe strawberries blended with a tart lemonade and a sweet tea! Perfect for summer!..
3.000 KD 6.000 KD
MOCHI Vape - Green Tea
-71 %
Shade-grown Japanese green leaves harvested, micro grounded and whisked in water to perfection  ..
2.000 KD 7.000 KD
Unlock the herbal delight of Tribeca Green Tea from deep within our flavor vault. Still delivering the smooth transcendent tobacco of Tribeca but with a hint of sweet green tea flavor, brewed and blended to the highest standards. 50% VG..
4.750 KD 5.000 KD
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