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 Keep It 100 - SaltNic - Mallow Man
-13 %
A delicious, warm, chewy sugar cookie smothered with fluffy, goooooey marshmallows...
3.500 KD 4.000 KD
GLAS BASIX E-LIQUID - SUGAR COOKIE  Fresh from the oven! You'll taste warm buttery cookie dough, glazed with golden brown sugar caramel and finished with a cinnamon and nutmeg twist. Don't forget a glass of milk to wash it down!  ..
4.000 KD
Milk , Cookies , Caramel  حليب و كوكيز و كاراميل و خلطة سرية   ..
4.000 KD
Sometimes delicious doesn’t need to be complicated.  It’s accurate and exactly what you’d expect from an e-liquid called Sugar Cookie.a Warm & Delicious fresh baked Sugar Cookie ..
4.000 KD
OPMH Project - Watson Milk Pie  (Expires 4-2020) OPMH Project - Watson Milk Pie  (Expires 4-2020)
-55 %
a fine vanilla infused tobacco blended with a traditional southern butter milk pie ..
2.500 KD 5.500 KD
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