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PHIX Mini - Hawaii Dream ICE (3 Disposable Devices/Pack) ( expires @07-2021) PHIX Mini - Hawaii Dream ICE (3 Disposable Devices/Pack) ( expires @07-2021)
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PHIX Mini - Hawaii Dream ICE (3Pack)Iced Tropical Fruit1.1ML - 50mg..
4.444 KD 5.500 KD
A classic and delicious vanilla custard and bold, tobacco flavors to create an irresistible mix you won’t believe until you try! ( Salt Nicotine )  مزيج كلاسيكي يجمع بين الفانيلا والكاسترد الشهي مع مذاق التبغ القوي ورذاذ الخلطة السري لتحصل على طعم مذهل لن تقاومه..
4.000 KD
Everything you want and crave from a Finely crafted cigar now available to you all day. بلاك جاك كلاسيك بطعم السيغار الكوبي  ..
4.000 KD
Hawaii Dream - SaltNic - by Jawi
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A flavour that will make all you fruity vapers wonder why we didn’t make this sooner. A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!. now in salt nicotine Made in UK..
3.000 KD 4.000 KD
JPOD Disposable Pod ( 50mg - 3 Devices ) - Hawaii Dream  Product Features: 3 Disposable Pod Devices per Pack 5% Nicotine Approximately 20 Cigarettes per Pack Approximately 300 Puffs 1.2ml   Package Includes: 3 x  Hawaii Dream STICKs..
5.000 KD
PHIX Pods - Hawaii Dream ICE PHIX Pods - Hawaii Dream ICE
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4 Pack PHIX Pod | Hawaii Dream ICE   1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight Strawberry Hard Candy; Your All Time Favorite Crafted by Brewell MFG All juices are proprietary and specifically formulated for this device and pod. Our formulation creates the perfect amount of throat hit a..
5.750 KD 6.000 KD
PHIX Pods - Watermelon (Ice) ..
5.750 KD 6.000 KD
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