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Loaded -  OverLoaded - BANANA CUSTARD
-30 %
Instant banana satisfaction with a soft pudding that melts right in your mouth. 70% VG..
3.500 KD 5.000 KD
-20 %
LOADED STRAWBERRY JELLY DONUT Ever bite into a sugary puffy donut stuffed with gooey strawberry filling? We are pleased to announce that you can endlessly relive your very own doughnut bliss with this new e-liquid by Loaded E-Juices!..
3.999 KD 5.000 KD
Loaded - Cran Apple
-20 %
Loaded - Cran Apple..
3.999 KD 5.000 KD
Loaded - Glazed Donuts
-20 %
Loaded - Glazed DonutsLoaded Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-Liquid tastes exactly like freshly out of the oven original glazed donuts. Crafted with a slight doughnut bread flavor with a boozy sweetness that isn't overwhelming. Pulls good dense clouds too. Crafted with excellence by Ruthless Vapor, L..
3.999 KD 5.000 KD
Loaded - SaltNic - Cran Apple ICED
-13 %
Loaded E-Liquid is back and better than ever. With Loaded Cran Apple Juice Iced Nicsalt, Loaded has put an entirely new twist on their world renowned vape juices. You will never love your pod system as much as you will once you have Loaded Cran Apple Ice Nicsalt.  As you inhale Loaded Cran A..
3.500 KD 4.000 KD
Loaded - Smores
-50 %
Loaded - Smores ..
3.999 KD 8.000 KD
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