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Gm Coils

Model: Coil
Product details :Alien Coils by the Kuwaiti Builder CoilQ8 MTL : Pack of 2 Coil3x23/42 Mix kn A-1 & ni800.85Ω (Single)5 wraps on 2.5mmDL15 : Pack of 2 Coils3x28/38 full ni800.15Ω (Dual)5 wraps on 3mmDL17 : Pack of 2 Coils2x26/38 full ni800.17Ω (Dual)6 wraps on 3mmDL19 :&..
2.000 KD
Product details Large Mirror Set of 2 Coils 20g K 0.11Ω (dual) 6 wraps on 3mm..
3.750 KD
Product details Set of 2 Coils Xtra Small FC 28g K+38g N80 0.23Ω (dual) 5 wraps on 2.5mm..
2.000 KD
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