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CloudKicker Cotton
-10 %
100% All Natural Cotton Imported from Australia No Additives / No Bleach Steam Cleaned 60 Pre Cut Strips Good for 120+ Wicks Each Strip is 3.5" x 0.5" x 0.25" Includes a Small Tweezer    ..
4.500 KD 5.000 KD
COTN Threads Cotton COTN Threads Cotton
Hot -30 %
COTN THREADS - 20 PCSCOTN presents Threads, a truly American mage and manufactured natural cotton agleted product for easily wicking 3mm pre-built coils. The cotton manufactured to pharmacy grade standards and is made bleach free. Each pre-cut piece of cotton comes with two 11mm agleted sections. Th..
1.750 KD 2.500 KD
These aren't your grandmother's cotton balls... Imagine a first pull with no break in period, your senses overwhelmed with intense flavor and aromas. Huh!? You only taste your juice? It's a new sensation from yet an oh so familiar routine.  Here at Native Wicks we've ..
2.500 KD
Vapefly presents the Firebolt Cotton, a natural cotton solution for easily wicking 3mm pre-built coils. The cotton is made entirely of 100% organic Japanese cotton and is free of harmful chemicals. The convenient agleted section is manufactured without acetone or glue. The Vapefly cotton is designed..
2.500 KD
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